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NEWS...  NEW CD to be launched soon...!!!


Approaching in the near future...

...The debut recording Captured from Chroma featuring Jon Sanders (Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar) and Sue Harrison (Saxophone)... with guest Danny Kneale (Drums)...


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Improvised live at Ballagroove Studio on the Isle of Man, it features eight tracks of melodic, creative Music.

It will be available in physical CD and downloadable formats from all the major online platforms, as well as being able to be purchased here...


Further information will be posted here as soon as possible and the CD will be launched at a future Chroma live gig...



Celebrating 10 Years of Professional Music Education 

2009 - 2019

Have a very Musical year in 2020...!

Best wishes to all my students, past, present (and future...)   Jon

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Jon Sanders briefly outlines his Tuition Philosophy in the friendly, relaxed environment of the Academy of Quality Music Tuition Teaching Studio...

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"You need to be continually in a cycle of self-learning to be able to keep up with new techniques and current trends in the Music Industry - and for me, this is ongoing - my 'self-training' occurs every single day - you will never reach the end of your own 'personal learning'."

Melodic Improvisation...

Jazz Fusion (Bass Guitar Improvisation)

An example of a completely spontaneous Melodic Improvisation performed by Academy of Quality Music Tuition Tutor, Jon Sanders

NEWS...   Warwick Bass Camp 2016...

Jon attended 'The Epicentre of the Bass-playing World' - the Warwick Bass Camp Educational Seminar, held in Markneukirchen, Southern Germany, in August/September.

The Camp, which draws together the elite in Bass playing and Education, is a feast of networking, masterclasses and general exchange of ideas, and Jon was delighted to be able to be part of such a prestigious event.

Jon would like to say a sincere 'hi' and thanks to all who attended and took the time to speak to him, whether sharing their ideas through masterclasses or just one-to-one.

A special thanks goes to Hans-Peter Wilfer, whose dedication and hard work has made this event so unique in the Bass-playing community - keep on making those great Basses, sir!!!


Jon at Bass Camp 2016

Jon live...

Snap (original composition by Jon Sanders)

Jon (Bass Guitar); Brian Kinrade (Drums); Steve Gray (Keyboard)

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The SECOND Book by Jon Sanders

is now on sale...

...and it's a PRINTED HARDBACK edition!


The Enquiring



This excellent NEW Book is aimed at Musicians at ANY level of development, focusing on Jon's uniquely original motivational mindset concepts and ideas, all of which are specifically written to inspire and encourage ALL Musicians to seek greater personal achievement...




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NEW...   The Webstore...

Spontaneous THE ALBUM       by Jon Sanders

 Listen to an audio clip of the track Liquid here  

"Amazing creativity... a fantastic collection of pieces to be savoured!"   HW

"I just love it - a great album by a truly gifted Musician!"   JB

"...Really special music, a wonderful feast for the ears"   MB

"I Just LOVE your CD..."   JL


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NEW...   The Webstore...


Learn to really play

ANY Musical Instrument



Concepts and ideas for Musicians of ALL levels...


The excellent FIRST Booklet*

by Jon Sanders is HERE...


Filled with excellent concepts and ideas to enable you to advance your Musicianship to totally new heights, Jon's FIRST Booklet* has been written for Musicians who are at ANY level of personal development...




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Business News...



Jon is delighted to announce that the Academy of Quality Music Tuition is an entrant for 2017 in the prestigious  BRITISH  SMALL BUSINESS AWARDS  held annually in London.

Speaking from the Academy, Jon said:

"I feel that the time is now right for all the hard work here to potentially achieve proper recognition, so I am delighted to become an official entrant in the 2017 Awards." 

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The CRB is now known as the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service)

Holder of Enhanced Disclosure

Member of the Musicians Union

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Member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors

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Member of the Clarinet & Saxophone Society of Great Britain

Clarinet & Saxophone 

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An Evening of Improvised Music...

The FINAL CONCERT was held on 19th November 2009

The event was professionally filmed and is now available on a 2-hour DVD. Featuring some of the top musicians on the Isle of Man, don't miss your chance to own a copy EXTREMELY LIMITED AVAILABILITY ...

Please contact Jon on 613519 for purchase information.

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