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The Bass Guitar (Tutoring available: 4-String, 5-String, 6-String & Fretless)

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Quite simply... a fantastic instrument!

The Bass Guitar is an extremely versatile instrument for musical expression. It can express itself in all genres, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Fusion, Improvised and beyond. It has established itself in recent years as one of the most popular instruments to play, so there is a huge variety of styles and manufacturers to choose from.

This instrument can be easily handled from an early age (from age 9 to 99!) and it can be reasonably quick to get to grips with in the early stages of learning.

I will show you how to play the instrument correctly right from the start, making sure ALL of the essential techniques are thoroughly and clearly explained.

Lessons are held in an extremely relaxed and friendly environment, where enjoyment and expression of the instrument are taught to become second nature!

If you are about to purchase your first Bass Guitar or would like impartial information on a particular instrument, telephone me for the best advice!


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