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Guitar & Bass Guitar Set-ups

A correctly Set-up instrument will make a world of difference to your playing...

For an instrument to function at its most optimum a professional Set-up is a must.

The Set-up may include:

Truss Rod setting for correct neck relief (as required); Correctly intonated bridge and fully set-up tremelo system (as applicable); String height setting for optimum playability; Pickup height adjustment for correct output; Machine Head torque setting.

Naturally, each musician is a unique individual, therefore I always take into account the requirements of the player and discuss any relevant details prior to commencing any work.

ALL instruments are Set-up to the same extremely high standards of my own.

Your Guitar/Bass Guitar will feel and play like a totally different instrument.



'...My guitar just feels fantastic. It's now so easy to play - and sounds amazing. Superb work!'   DS

'I just didn't realise what my bass was missing, the change in playability and overall feel is unbelievable - excellent!'   AD

'...The guitar now plays fantastic.'   KW

'...It plays like a totally different guitar - AMAZING.'   JK


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