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Student Achievements...

Jon is extremely proud of the fact that some of his former students have also gone on to study at such establishments as The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), The Royal Northern College of Music and The British and Irish Modern Music Institute - as well as becoming successful working Musicians gigging throughout the U.K. and also locally on the Isle of Man...


Jon also has a 100% student examination pass rate...


Student Comments... 

Below are some of the kind comments I have received from my Students... Thank you, one and all...!


"I realised from just a few minutes into my first lesson that I had been wasting my time (and money) with other so-called 'musical instrument teachers' and that Jon has that 'special something' that enables him to open musical concepts and ideas wide open - I wish I'd met him years ago...! - simply fantastic... I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to others... my playing is now getting to exactly the place where I've always wanted it to be..."   IR


"Jon is an amazing man. He has a relaxed but very professional approach to his teaching that, although he is working you hard, he always knows your limits - and it's achieved in such a way that's fun - you hardly ever notice or realise how much you are progressing.

I have been with Jon for over a year now and when I look back to my first day - I could play open chords and thought this would be simply enhanced on... to where I am now - I can hardly believe it. I have 100% trust in him.

Jon is friendly, very passionate about what he does and full of enthusiasm - which is truly infectious and encourages you to want to do well. He has no adverse criticism in him, just true belief in his abilities to help students move forward.

I would honestly recommend Jon to anyone - whether you are just starting out on your journey or stuck and want to progress or enhance your skills.

Personally, I have been advanced to a place I did not think possible - and it continues to excite me to see what he believes I can achieve. I have, under Jon, expanded my musical tastes - which is also exciting - and at 57, I now have a vast amount of music to revisit, listen to and absorb.

As mentioned, Jon has a passion for his work which is second to none both musically and personally.

I can only sum up by saying that if there were more people like him around, the world would definitely be a better place... Thank you, Jon..."   NC


"Jon is an excellent tutor with great patience, who thoroughly explains all concepts and has a genuinely enthusiastic approach to all aspects of his work..."   DB


"...Virtuosic in his approach to Music, his endless flow of simple, but supremely effective concepts REALLY 'blow the lid' off other (to me, now archaic) pre-conceived education ideas, which, when applied not only to Music, but to all other areas of learning thought - results in only one word that 'adequately' describes Jon's ability to get the best out of you and advances you to become the Musician and person you can really be - INCREDIBLE... (yes, really!) - each lesson I have with him is a real 'gem' and makes me want more and more each time - OUTSTANDING in his field, without a doubt."   MJ


"Simply a great educator...!"   HK


"...A very special teacher creating an extremely effective and unique style of teaching - excellent...!"   SK


"Jon has a totally unique way of making difficult information simple to understand and his approach to music education is fresh and exciting - a special educator who is unlike any other I've experienced before...!"   AS  


"...Superb approach to teaching, makes it a pleasure to learn!"   IC


"I was concerned that I would be unable to get to grips with the instrument I had always wanted to play, but Jon is so understanding and patient and has such a great approach to teaching that I am now realising my dream... I'm delighted!!!"   JB


"Jon has opened doors that I didn't even realise were there - great teacher!"   NP


"I would not have been able to get where I am now in such a short time without your expert tuition..."   SD


"Patient, understanding, extremely flexible, incredibly talented... all perfect descriptions of Jon's ability when it comes to passing on and getting me to use in a practical way information about the guitar that I didn't even realise I needed to know... great player, great Musician and also such a top man...!!!"   IK


'You are just so inspiring, Jon...'   RH


"...With amazing musical knowledge and the ability to incorporate it seamlessly into thorough explanations, Jon is able to make the seemingly complex become easily understandable and digestible without any signs of boredom setting in on my part!!! He also has that rare gift of being able to back it up with superlative creative musicianship, which is second to none..."   SJ


"...Initially thinking I was too old to learn the Sax, Jon has made me realise that this was simply not true! He is a very gifted Musician and Educator."   HM


"...I wish I'd started earlier... Jon is excellent."   IQ


"I've learned so much in the last few months with you than I did previously in the past several decades - I feel I'm getting somewhere now... and I'm really enjoying it!"   JS


"Reaching the end of each lesson is the worst part for me... I really do wish that they could go on for much longer...!!!"   JT


"Each lesson is so enthralling that I really can't wait for the next one to come along - I have learnt so much in such a short time, even though I've been playing in bands for years... and added to that, Jon's musicianship is not only excellent, but extremely supportive, musical and constantly creative - he seems to be able to draw from a never-ending melodic and rhythmic resource... which just inspires me to play at a higher level each sesson - I could recommend lessons from him to anyone - really top notch stuff...!!!"   SC


"...So patient, such a natural educator..."   BR


"...I know the work I did with you over a couple of years put me on the right road and gave me the confidence to go on and tackle the higher grades. It has definitely been the way to keep improving. So thanks again for that!"   GP


"You have something that all the other tutors I have been to simply don't have - a totally unique and enlightening tuition style..."   MS


"I have made several attempts to play the Guitar in the past. I discovered Jon Sanders at the Academy of Quality Music Tuition earlier this year (or as I refer to it - the Oasis of Calm) and for the first time I really am progressing, beginning to understand notes and chords and getting a real feel for the instrument. Thank you Jon for your excellent tuition and encouragement."   DB  


"Without your wonderful lessons, I would have given up the Saxophone and Clarinet a long time ago - I can't imagine my week without them now... thank you so much for what you have done for my playing - each session is so incredibly inspiring!"   HW


"I would never dream of going to another Guitar Teacher - period...! You are excellent and have opened my mind up to areas of playing that I did not even think were there in the first place...!"   MQ


"I have been playing Guitar for many years and thought I knew just about everything... How wrong I was! Jon has the ability to extract those things out of your playing that you just don't realise were even there... Brilliant...!!!"   DL


"...Jon, just to say I had another excellent and enjoyable tuition session with you; I like your approach to teaching; great topics - and I am developing further knowledge and skills every time we meet; I spent the entire evening on jazz chords; improvised sequences; walking basslines and the jazz standard   II - V - I. ...I also incorporated some of the tapping technique we covered... One-to-One tuition... definitely onwards and upwards...!!!"   DN


"A very sincere 'thank you' to you Jon. Your patience, generosity and wonderful tuition has made a teenage musical dream come true... I really do love every single moment playing my Saxophone."   BW


"...Thank you so much for teaching me over the years and helping me to progress my future in something I love to do."   JE


"...I was just thinking about today's lesson and while it is on my mind I wanted to say thank you so much for your patience and brilliant tuition."   DB 


"...I understood more in the first five minutes with Jon than I had done in five years with other tutors - brilliant!"   HK


"I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and myself for your kindness and great teachings. You have well and truly outdone my highest expectations of what a 'Guitar Teacher' could teach me and for this I am eternally grateful."   JB


"A true virtuoso in what he does... it's as clear as that...!!!"   SH


"Coming to the lesson is the highlight of my week - I love playing Saxophone because of you, Jon - thank you so much..."   JT


"...Totally inspiring..."   PH


"...I must admit that when I first saw all the comments on Jon's website I thought: 'Hmm... surely he can't be as good as all that...' - How wrong I was! All the comments really are a true reflection of what Jon is all about - an excellent Tutor, Mentor and Musician... truly awesome!!!"   ND


"...Enthusiastic, patient, understanding and always goes the extra mile in his lessons, I love playing my instrument because of Jon Sanders - superb!"  JR


"...Thank you for your time and patience over the past months... I am delighted with the standard of playing I have reached... and am still enjoying it!"   AB


"Thorough explanations, easily understood concepts, great patience and an enthusiasm for all aspects of music which is just utterly inspiring... study with this great Musician and you will learn so, so much...!"   NK


"I now get exactly what I want out of my playing... thanks Jon!!!"   DS


"Even when my daughter is really tired, after a lesson with Jon she is transformed into high spirits, motivated and happy! Thanks for all.."   JL 


"The lessons are just so amazingly informative and thoroughly enjoyable... Jon is totally recommended!"   AM


"...He's an incredible Musician..."   AC


"I came to lessons with you a year ago knowing very little about Guitar playing - now I really do know what I am doing and progressing very fast - thank you Jon...   IS


" have been a huge influence on my playing..."   BI


"I really wish I'd started studying with you years ago, Jon - my playing is now improving so fast, it's amazing - what a brilliant Inspiration, Educator and Musician you truly are!"   CB


"Every lesson gives me such a Musical 'high' - I wish they didn't have to finish!"   MM


"There's only one word to describe Jon - VIRTUOSO..."   DH


"...I look forward to the lessons a lot. I find the journey we are on very enjoyable and know that in time your methods will make me a more accomplished Guitarist ...I can’t thank you enough..."   NC


"Just thought I'd let you know that my first gig with the band went really well. I enjoyed it so much - but there is no way a couple of years ago I could have just turned up and played with a group - all that stuff you keep teaching me does sink in, so many thanks!"   SH


"Nothing fazes Jon, he is kind and patient and I am very glad he is my teacher..."   LM


"A unique and brilliant Musician and Teacher - it's as simple as that..."   DC



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