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The Sax Doctor

Squeaking  Sopranino...?

Stuffy  Soprano...?

Ailing  Alto...?

Coughing  C Melody...?

Troublesome  Tenor...?

Bubbling  Baritone...?


CALL The Sax Doctor and feel the difference in playability of a correctly adjusted Saxophone.

THE SURGERY IS OPEN FOR: Pre-purchase Advice/Play-testing; Checkovers; Regulation/Tuning; Pad Replacement/Adjustment; Neck Cork Replacement; Cork Work; Spring Tensioning; General Instrument Advice; etc., etc.

Naturally, each musician is a unique individual, therefore I always take into account the requirements of the player and discuss any relevant details prior to commencing any work.

ALL instruments are Set-up to the same extremely high standards of my own.

Your Saxophone will feel and play like a totally different instrument.



'...I played my alto for the first time since your ministrations. The difference in playability was amazing. Thanks so much.'   CC

'...after your expert adjustments my Saxophone is like a totally different instrument, it responds beautifully throughout its range now... amazing!!!'   AP


Telephone: 613519 and speak to The Sax Doctor